JJ Pools and Landscaping - Brisbane - Australia

Our pool installation process

Decided you want us to install a fibreglass pool in your backyard?

Great! The following process is how we will design and install the pool of your dreams!

1. Measure
& Quote

Understandably, you’ll want to know how much an inground fibreglass pool will cost. JJ Pools will provide you with an idea as to the budget you should anticipate. This will be based on the model, size, any features you choose, the scope of your yard, and other factors relevant to your project.

2. Design Consultation

JJ Pools wants to bring your vision to reality. Backed by our innovative pool designs and expert installation, our team will create a swimming pool experience that perfectly integrates into your backyard and into your lifestyle.

3. Review & Finalisation

Educating the customer is part of our process. This helps to ensure the success of the project and your satisfaction. We'll go over all aspects of your project with you, including rough estimates of cost and the anticipated timeline.

4. Installation & Handover

This the finishing touch! A fibreglass pool installation requires precise planning, preparation, and execution. JJ Pools will deliver you an unforgettable product and experience. After installation we'll assist you with any questions and concerns you might have.

Complete pool installation

With our personalised expert service we take care of your project til the very end!